Why Choose Indiana Vein Specialists?

At Indiana Vein Specialists®, our founding principle is respect and compassion for our patients and their concerns regarding venous disease.

Our Team at Indiana Vein Specialists® provides comprehensive, office-based, and minimally invasive care of venous insufficiency. Venous disease is a chronic condition and we believe a continuity based care model is the optimal way to approach the spectrum of venous insufficiency.

Our mission is twofold: the venous health of your legs today and the venous health of your legs tomorrow, utilizing the best available tools, training, and technology to accomplish this goal.

Dr. Jeffery Schoonover, MD, RPVI, DABVLM is a Fellow with the American Vein and Lymphatic Society and is committed to varicose vein disease treatment.

We take pride in our contributions to you and your family’s venous health care.

As a Physician-Owned Medical Practice, we believe that our patients are at the center of these efforts. We understand that our patients have a choice for vein care in Central Indiana.

The Indiana Vein Specialists® care team is dedicated to treating our patients as members of our own “extended family.”