Treatment Overview

At Indiana Vein Specialists, our team has received specialized training in the fitting and application of compression stockings, and are able to fit >95% patients that present with chronic lower extremity swelling. Identifying the etiology of chronic swelling is also key to managing this disease process.

With lower extremity lymphedema, compression strategies are considered the cornerstone of treatment. Our Physical Therapists, Sara Salinas, PT, CLT-LANA and Sara Randolph, DPT, CLT, are available for evaluation and treatment.

Lipedema Treatment

Working with one of our certified lymphedema therapists (CLT) can help manage your symptoms.  Your therapist will teach you how to perform manual lymph drainage (MLD) as they perform the technique on you.  This can help flush excess fluid and stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system to help with pain.  Lightweight compression usually in the form of leggings can help with symptoms. Bioflect and CzSalus are two brands specifically designed for patients with lipedema.

Unfortunately as of right now there isn’t a way to remove the adipose tissue other than through liposuction.  If you decide you want to look into this option you will want to get a referral for a surgeon that specializes in liposuction for lipedema.

Treatment for Lymphedema May Include:

Velcro Wraps: easy to use and effective Velcro system.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage, which is a light, gentle massage technique to help move fluids away from the congested area into an unaffected area to reduce the swelling.

Compression Bandaging, where a multi-layer of short stretch bandages work with the patients movement for further reduction of swelling.

Graduated Compression garments are worn during the day to help keep the swelling down, improve circulation, and prevent accumulation of lymph fluids in the involved area.

Pneumatic Compression Pumps, a mechanical device that works as a sleeve with inflatable chambers to help mobilize the fluid from the limbs.

Skin Care, including the application of a low PH lotion at least twice a day and avoiding nicks, cuts or abrasions, as the affected limb is more susceptible to infection.

Exercise which when used with compression, utilizes the body’s natural muscle pumping action to increase venous and lymphatic fluid return to the circulatory system and out of the affected/swollen area.

Patient Testimonial

“I am highly recommending Indiana Vein Specialists. The staff here are very knowledgeable of the lymphatic system. They are informative and prompted. I developed Lymphedema following total knee replacement surgery. I found IVS on the internet while doing research into my issue. I did not need a referral to get an appointment here.

Sara Randolph DPT, has done a tremendous job with manual displacement lymphatic massage. IVS also has the very best in compression products which are hard to find. This has been a life changing experience for me! I can now walk much better.”
-Edwin Starr

Patient Instruction Videos:

The information contained within these videos and instructions is intended to assist and remind patients of correct bandaging techniques after treatment.

Please direct any questions concerning these instructions to Indiana Vein Specialists at or call us at (317) 284-9498.