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by A. S. on Indiana Vein Specialists

One Year ago I walked into the Fishers office. It was my first appt. I am 79 yrs. old, I thought it was hopeless to even think it would be possible to make my legs look and feel better. I had been a hairdresser for 36 years always on my legs. Many years ago I had my legs stripped,but they came back and over the years got very ugly. At the end of the day they were HEAVY, and painful. This clinic is amazing, so professional, but warm/ friendly/so caring. I actually seen the large rope looking veins disappear almost instantly after the laser treatment. I went to every appt. they made for me, I felt that heavy feeling leave.NO MORE Leg spasms in the middle of the night. They taught me the value of drinking water and keeping hydrated , to wear and appreciate compression stockings. Today on my Year Appt. I checked out in great - shape on the veins. So I don't need to go back for 1 year.Dr. Schoonover you are fantastic. Your Staff Is The Best! I really appreciate Everything you have done. I will be coming back, as long as I can. THANK YOU,For Making "an old Lady" feel so much better. LOVE YOU ALL.

by K W on Indiana Vein Specialists

I would just like to add my comments to the many great reviews already on this site. The veins on my legs were in a word - horrid.....and let me a couple more - bulging and ugly! They seemed to get worse with every passing year. Finally, enough was enough, time to seek treatment. I received a referral from my doctor's office to contact Indiana Vein Specialists and Dr. Schoonover. So I finally took the plunge and did just that; and clearly, it turned out to be one very good decision. From my first visit, Dr. Schoonover and his entire staff were nothing short of wonderful. They see to your every need, question, and concern. After several visits, the results are superb and I am very happy with everything. I'm looking forward to actually wearing shorts this summer...!

by M. G. on Indiana Vein Specialists

LOOK NO FURTHER for professional care and RESULTS.

After putting off treatment of my varicose vein’s I was recommended Dr. Schoonover and his team. First and foremost the thing that immediately was obvious was the professionalism of every person working at his offices.

Everything is explained to you in detail about what they can do for you. And they are results driven. If you follow the instructions you were given in the plan they put in place you will obtain the results that they explained to you.

This is one of the first doctor's offices that I can truly say provided a world-class experience from the day of my first appointment until they completed my procedure.

Thank you, Dr. Schoonover and Team!!!!!

by K. K. on Indiana Vein Specialists

I wish it was possible to give more than 5 stars! Dr. Schoonover and his staff are INCREDIBLE. Giving you a little background here, I am a 26-year-old male who suffered from chronic venous insufficiency disease. My veins on both legs were gnarled, ropey, unsightly, and very unhealthy. I suffered from Restless Leg Syndrome, random pains, and extreme anxiety from the condition. I hid this condition for years because I was embarrassed, self-conscious, and overall just afraid of it. When I took the leap of faith these guys were here to catch me. The staff makes you feel so at home and at ease and thoroughly explains everything going on while giving you a detailed plan of attack on how they are going to fix it. They make you as comfortable as they can during the procedures and talk you through it the whole time. The encouragement and excitement they express to you during the whole process truly make you feel valued and the whole office knows your name after the first couple appointments. If you are suffering from any sort of venous issues, don't be afraid and don't hesitate to have them check you out! They have completely changed my life for the better, and the results completely blow me away! I never thought my legs would look or feel normal again, and I can't even express the improvements in the quality of my life since I have started the treatment process.

by T. B. on Indiana Vein Specialists

I have Restless Leg Syndrome or should I say I had an extreme case of RLS. After treatment, 99% of the RLS has left my right leg and approximately 80% of the RLS has diminished in my left leg. I can sleep at night without getting up and walking. I no longer kick my husband out of bed. And I have decreased the medication I take by 2/3rds!

And by the way, the staff are wonderful! I appreciate their concern for me and willingness to give me additional suggestions and support. Dr. Schoonover is amazing! The office is clean, organized, and well run. But truly, I was more concerned about my RLS and the treatment was easy, affordable, and it worked!

by Anonymous on Indiana Vein Specialists

I have not had to get up in the middle of the night and walk the floor. I have not kicked my husband out of bed, I have not had twitching legs keeping me up at late.

Yes, I still take my medication, but WOW what difference!

by L on Indiana Vein Specialists

I love this office! I never write reviews but I wanted to for IVS in fishers. Dr. Schoonover and everyone that work in the office are just so amazing. They are so kind and patient and really know how to make you feel comfortable. Overall it is just a wonderful place to go.

by D. D. on Indiana Vein Specialists

The members of the staff at Indiana Vein Specialists were very professional, informative, knowledgeable, and caring. I will be returning to them annually to stay on top of any subsequent treatment that I may need. Thank you Indiana Vein Specialists for a positive experience.

by K. D. on Indiana Vein Specialists

By far, Dr. Schoonover and his staff are exceptionally friendly and caring. They demonstrate a sincere interest in patient questions and response to treatment. Further, they are born teachers explaining exactly what they are going to do throughout the procedures. Truly, the care I have received exceeded every expectation I hoped to have met. I recommend Dr. Schoonover and his practice highly, without hesitation and reservation. Having been a registered nurse for 35+ years, exceptional care such as this health facilities' is rare, indeed.

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